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Campus Marketplace

The PCC Bookstore Campus Marketplace is now available! Campus Marketplace is a free area that allows you to buy a used textbook from another PCC student, or list one of your own for sale.

To get started on Campus Marketplace, you will need to create an account on the PCC Bookstore website (if you haven’t already). Once you're logged in, click the PCC Bookstore Campus Marketplace link under Textbooks and Materials in the main menu.

Posting a textbook for sale:

  1. Click "Add Post" in the top right
  2. In the Create a New Post screen, enter the ISBN in the Search by ISBN field (the ISBN is a 13 digit number located on the back of the textbook).
  3. Click "Search". If the Textbook was found in the Bookstore database, the page will expand containing all the required information, including the textbook Title and Author, as well as the ISBN. An edition of the book may be displayed as well.
  4. Please review all information, including the edition you have. If this is the same book you want to sell, do the following:
    1. Click "Post this title." A new page will be displayed containing the information about your book.
    2. Enter the amount you'd like to sell the book for in "Your price"
    3. Under "Category," use the dropdown to select the correct field (example: Math).
    4. Under "Enter extra information," enter the textbook's condition, and edition if different.
    5. When finished, click "Save Post."

If someone is interested in purchasing your textbook, that person will contact you via email. Listings expire after 30 days.

Purchasing a textbook:

If you are interested in purchasing a book, click on the email icon next to the book's "date posted". Fill in the "Your message" area and click "Send Reply." The student selling the book will reply to you via email.

Please note: The prices of the books listed in the Campus Marketplace are set by the student that is selling the book, and is not controlled by the bookstores. The quality of items bought, sold, or traded cannot be guaranteed by the store. Items may not be in new condition, and supplemental materials may be missing. Be sure to contact the seller directly if you have questions about the content and quality of items.