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Create a course plan

Follow these steps to set your course toward a university transfer engineering degree:

  1. Review the advising guides.
    Always work with a PCC advisor and a university advisor to develop a course plan for engineering transfer. These guides show course what classes you can take here that will count toward your degree at your transfer institution. If you follow these guides, you can enter the University as a Junior.

  2. Create a course plan.
    If you’re having trouble making a plan, make an appointment with an advisor. If you don’t create a course plan by the time you’ve enrolled in ENGR 101, you’ll be asked to create one then.
  3. Apply to your transfer school.
    These schools have dual enrollment/co-admission agreements with PCC; apply right away if you want to attend one of them to complete your degree:

  4. Some additional four-year schools PCC engineering students frequently transfer to:
  5. If your four-year school isn’t listed here, make an appointment with an advisor for help.
  6. Apply to an upper-division program.
    Once you’ve been admitted to the University you’re transferring to, you will need to apply to their upper-division Engineering program.