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Construction Management, associate degree

Student taking measurements and writing them out

The curriculum is designed to provide detailed instruction in commercial construction practices and is taught from the perspective of the general contractor. You will learn:

  • Bid preparation
  • Construction project management
  • Estimating construction costs
  • Job costing techniques
  • Scheduling construction projects
  • Structural and mechanical systems used in today’s high-performance buildings
  • Sustainable construction practices
  • Third-party verification methods such as LEED and Earth Advantage

Award information

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Associate Degree: Construction Management2 years

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What will you do?

Graduates move on to work as:

  • Estimators
  • General contractors
  • Owner’s representatives
  • Project managers
  • Superintendents


Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
BCT 100 Overview to the Construction Industry 3
BCT 102 Residential Printreading 1 3
BCT 103 Residential Materials and Methods 1 3
BCT 104 Construction Math §1 3
BCT 170 Excel for Contractors 2
Second Term
ARCH 110 Introduction to Architectural Drawing 2
BCT 119 Bluebeam for Construction 1
BCT 134 Construction Scheduling 1 3
BCT 135
or ARCH 132
Residential Building Codes
or Residential Building Codes
BCT 202C Business Principles for Construction 3
BCT CAD Electives 3
Third Term
BCT 117 Graphic Communication for Contractors 1
BCT 133 Commercial Materials and Methods 3
BCT 136
or ARCH 133
Commercial Building Codes
or Commercial Building Codes
BCT 221 Construction Law for the Contractor 3
COMM 111
or COMM 215
Public Speaking (COMM111=COMM111Z) *,Z
or Communicating in Teams and Small Groups
BCT CAD Electives 3
Fourth Term
BCT 139 Procore 1
BCT 150 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing 4
BCT 204C Construction Estimating - Commercial 3
BCT 213
or ARCH 162
Commercial Printreading
or Commercial Print Reading
CG 209 Job Finding Skills 1
WR 227
or WR 122
Technical Writing (WR227=WR227Z) Z
or Composition II (WR122=WR122Z)
Fifth Term
BCT 206 Sustainable Construction Practices 3
BCT 214 Advanced Construction Estimating 3
BCT 222
or ARCH 122
Engineering for Constructors
or Structural Systems 2
General Education: 2 courses
Sixth Term
BCT 130 Construction Safety 3
BCT 207
or BA 111
Construction Accounting
or Introduction to Accounting
BCT 208 Introduction to Lean for Constructors 1
BCT 225 Construction Project Management 3
General Education: 1 Course
Seventh Term
BCT 280A Cooperative Education: Building Construction 2 3
 Total Credits91

Could be used as General Education


 Course cannot be substituted for another course.


Class may be challenged by petitioning for course by examination.


Credits for this class may vary from one to six depending on the nature and duration of the cooperative experience. This class may be taken more than one time until the required number of credits is fulfilled. See advisor for details.


This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. The following courses are equivalent:

COMM 111 and COMM 111Z

WR 122 and WR 122HZ

WR 227 and WR 227Z


Night classes

The Construction Management program offers primarily evening classes, one night per week per class. Most CM classes are held between 6-9pm Monday thru Thursday, and nearly all CM classes are offered exclusively at Rock Creek. Exceptions include General Education, Writing, and Computer Applications classes that are offered on multiple campuses and online. Given our size, many CM courses are offered only once per year, so planning your courses with an advisor is important for students to complete on time. A CM course planner is available from a BCT faculty member. Students typically graduate in 2-2.5 years.


While the majority of new students enter the program in the fall term, it is still possible to complete the degree in two years if you begin in winter or spring, if you attend in the summer and carry a heavier class load. We will work with you to develop an academic plan that suits your specific requirements. You may need to spread the coursework out over time, taking one or two classes each term. It is not required that you attend full-time. Some students earn a degree slowly, balancing work, family, and coursework. And down the road, you can continue at night or online with OIT or SOU and earn a Bachelor’s degree in just two more years.

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