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Program costs and tool list

Calculate your costs and add these additional costs for the Auto program:

  • The certificate costs about $11,300 including books, tools, and supplies.
  • The AAS degree will add several thousand dollars.

Lab fees

Auto lab: $72


You will spend approximately $185 on a textbook for the two-year certificate in automotive technology. You will spend more on books for the AAS degree.


You must purchase a required list of tools during the first week of class. Tool costs range from $2,500 to $2,800 depending on the vendor for the toolbox and ancillary tools. These tools are used for the entire program, and for your first job.

Required tool list

Quality tools are a very important part of your automotive training and work experience. Buy quality tools. Professional technician experience proves that quality tools will fit fasteners properly, last longer, and help you to work safely and more efficiently.

The following items should be purchased during the first mod and will be required to move on to the second mod courses.

  • Snap-on SEPSTARTER and SEPAUTOADD Starter Sets (these SPECIFIC sets are required and only available to admitted AST students, via the SY Bookstore)
  • Fluke Multi-Meter Model 115 (this specific multi-meter is required)
  • Dial thermometer 0-220 degree F
  • 6″ electronic digital caliper
  • Student work shirts (at least 2 required)
  • Safety glasses (ANSI Z87+ Certified)
  • Black nitrile gloves
  • Automotive portfolio binder kit (a specific kit is required and only available via the SY Bookstore)
  • Toolbox must fit 26″ deep x 12.5″ wide x 16″ high
  • Automotive Technology Text
  • 3 ring binders
  • Pencils
  • Pen
  • Fine-tip highlighters in several colors
  • Filler paper

Other costs

The HVAC EPA handler’s license test is $15. The ASE student practice test is $30.

Financial assistance

The Federal Financial Aid program, (FAFSA) issues applications in October for the next school year. NEAT, SEMA, and Grainger Tool are just some of the scholarships that may be available. Plan on applying early.

Visit a campus Financial Aid office or the Automotive Technology program advisor if you have questions about financial aid or scholarships.