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About the Opportunity Center

Reversing racial and economic disparities

Portland Community College’s Opportunity Centers create hubs that connect employers, community members, and the social service system. We provide opportunities for people to transform their lives through education and career track employment.

Our Opportunity center staff offers a welcoming environment that meets people where they are and helps them access education their way. We offer:

  • Skills building trainings
  • Holistic support services
  • Workshops and noncredit classes

Adult learners from all segments of our community can build confidence, increase skills and create a plan to access college.

Community partnerships

We partner with community-based organizations and culturally-specific agencies to engage youth and adults, especially those who are disconnected from education and career or are underrepresented in education and industry. This includes people of color and those who are low-income, immigrants, or refugees.

PCC’s benefits navigators collaborate with community-based and social service partners such as the Department of Human Services, Worksystems, WorkSource, and many other organizations to provide support, coaching, and case management to prospective students.

Career preparation

Our trainings focus on high-demand industries that offer career paths with economic mobility such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Construction trades

For instance, Discover Manufacturing: an On-Ramp to PCC is a two-week course that exposes prospective students to careers in manufacturing, incorporates essential and basic skills building and vocabulary, and provides a smooth handoff to PCC recruiting, admissions, and financial aid. Other shorter offerings include classes such as digital literacy and financial literacy.