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Health Information Management, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Health Information Management2 yearsLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
CIS 121 Information Systems and Programming * 4
HIM 121 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare 3
HIM 128
or BI 121
or BI 231 and BI 232
Anatomy & Physiology for Health Information Management 1
or Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology I
or Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Human Anatomy & Physiology II
HIM 141 Health Record Content in Non-Acute Care Settings 3
HIM 182 Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
Second Term
HIM 110 Health Record Content in Acute Care Settings 3
HIM 120 Health Record Content in Acute Care Settings Lab 2
HIM 129
or BI 122
or BI 233
Anatomy & Physiology for Health Information Management 2
or Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology II
or Human Anatomy & Physiology III
HIM 282 Healthcare Statistics 3
General Education: One course
Third Term
HIM 131 Medical Science 5
HIM 136 Medications 3
HIM 270 ICD Procedure Coding 4
HIM 271 Quality Improvement in Healthcare 2
Fourth Term
CIS 125D Database Application Development I 4
HIM 260 HIM Professional Practice Lab 1 3
HIM 275 CPT Coding 3
HIM 283 Health Information Systems 4
General Education: One course
Fifth Term
HIM 261 HIM Professional Practice Lab 2 3
HIM 273 ICD Diagnosis Coding 4
HIM 281 Data Management and Analysis 3
HIM 285 Healthcare Financing and Compliance 3
Sixth Term
HIM 262 HIM Professional Practice Lab 3 3
HIM 272 Health Information Management 3
HIM 290 HIM Teams and Training 3
HIM 293 Health Information Directed Practice 2
SOC 213
or ES 101
Diversity in the United States *
or Introduction to Ethnic Studies
 Total Credits91

Could be used as General Education.

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