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How are refunds processed at PCC?

Refunds are processed differently depending on how the payment was made. Except for financial aid refunds, refunds in excess of $15 are generally issued within 30 days. Refunds are first applied to outstanding charges on the student account, even if payment is not yet due. For more information, see the Refund Policy.

Financial aid refunds

Financial aid refunds are disbursed electronically via the MyRefunds program. You must select a refund preference before the term begins. To select your refund preference, click the MyRefunds link located in the Paying for College tab in MyPCC.

Credit card refunds

If your bill was paid with a credit card, the card used in the original payment will be credited. Please allow your bank a few additional days to process the credit.

Cash, check or debit card refunds

If your bill was paid by check, cash, or debit card, a check will be mailed in the student’s name. Please make sure your billing address is correct: go to the MyPCC Home tab and click My Profile. Refunds for payments made by check are held for two weeks from the date of the original payment.

Other refunds

If your bill was paid by a scholarship or a third party with a formal billing arrangement, the refund will be credited back to the original payer, unless the payer provided other instructions.

Removing tuition charges

Charges are applied to your student account when you register for a class. All of the charges associated with a class will be removed if you drop the class by the drop deadline. No charges will be removed if you drop after the drop deadline. To drop a Community Education class,see the Community Education Refund/Drop Policy.

If an extreme hardship prevented you from continuing your studies through the term, you may request a tuition voucher by filing an appeal with the college appeal committee. Your appeal must be received by the filing deadline and all past due amounts must be paid before your appeal will be considered.