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Music classes

The Spring 2021 music schedule is online!

Music events

View our event listings for concerts by local professional musicians, as well as student concerts and the Talent Showcase.

Social media

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What we offer

We have classes for music majors or amateur musicians at every level, with a robust applied music program and high-quality instrumental and choral ensembles!

Learn about transferring to a 4-year university, or transferring to PSU.

Remote instruction

Begin your career in music at PCC Rock Creek, now optimized for fully integrated online instruction! A full array of pre-professional music coursework that will transfer to private and state colleges, offered by award-winning faculty, all at a fraction of the cost.

Join us this Fall as we make music together, while social distancing. Participate in online ensembles that will record and perform using all the latest technology. Hone your skills as a studio musician and collaborate in new and innovative online ensemble performances. Why wait to begin your education when you could get started from your home, all at a fraction of the cost of the four-year college?

Fully optimized for temporary remote instruction:

  • Regular rehearsals and discussion through interactive Zoom meetings
  • Access to Sight Reading Factory and Matthew Curtis Choral Tracks
  • Record and collaborate through Soundtrap
  • Private study and professional coaching through Zoom
  • Online recitals and performances (pre-recorded and live)
  • Virtual Choir Project

Award-winning faculty

Award-winning faculty includes:

  • Jason Palmer, Chair, Director of Jazz and Instrumental Studies, Music Theory
  • Dr. Samuel Barbara, Director of Choral and Vocal Activities, Music History
  • Ashlee Young, Piano Area Head
  • Jason Sabino, Jazz Choir and Class Voice
  • Josh Vallejos, Music Technology
  • Tracey D. Edson, Applied Piano, Vocal Coaching
  • Lee Alan Nolan, Class and Applied Piano, Choral Accompanist
  • Angela Niederloh, Applied Voice
  • Matthew Hayward, Applied Voice
  • Travis Freshner, Symphonic Band / Composition and Orchestration

More information

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